Friday, September 2, 2016

Space Odyssey and much much more!

When Chuck skyped me some moths ago with the news, I was over excited!!
Me? Alone? in Palermo?

Went straight to the travel agent to make plans!
I didn't dare to book all those flights on my own! I have not that much of traveling experience and I said to myself, oh well I will pay a few euros more, but at least I'll be safe... ( I thought!)
So I go to the agent we use at the office - she booked me some really good flights she said - same company, same terminal in Rome - just another airline in Athens, so it would be cheaper.
Excited as I was I never thought that booking flights 45 minutes apart was not a really good idea after all!! (Never using this travel agency again btw)

Going from Thessaloniki to Athens and from Athens to Rome was ok - got into my planes just in time.
Landing in Rome earlier made it possible for me to get off the plane 15 minutes after we landed, find the gate, run (run really hard - sometimes I am glad that I go to the gym!!!)

Just made it!!!! Got into the plane IN time and the flight was about 10 minutes delayed, so I was ok!!!
I thought this was an adventure, but I thought wrong!!!
Sicily trip was great - had its ups and its downs and I will talk about Palermo and EdYouFest in another post.
My trip back to Greece is something I will be telling my grandchildren!!!

I went to Palermo airport a couple of hours earlier. To be safe. Had a coffee, played with my laptop a bit, relaxed. After all it was the first day I had wifi and I was soooooo happy.
I was calm, although I knew that my flights this time were 45 minutes apart!!!
When I finally reach my gate, I find out there is a 10 minute delay. I go to the desk, showing them my tickets -"Don't you worry seniora, you have plenty of time to go to your flight"!!!  20 minutes delay. "Seniora, you will make it!!!!" Getting on the plane ... "Plenty of time seniora!!"10 more minutes until we take off. Starting to really worry. 14.30 (next flight leaves at 14.50!!!) - Announcement - "We are reaching Rome airport in veinti minuti" What the hell is veinti (Why don't I speak Italian???).
Telling the flight attendants again. "Don't worry seniora! - You - comfirmed passenger - they will wait for you!!!"
When I finally get off the plane, the plane to Rome had hot left yet....
I have to go to section D.
I am in B...
When I finally reach gate D9 - the plane had gone...
"Seniora go to "transiti" - Back to B1
Tears in my eyes...

Alone... in Rome ... I don't speak Italian... they don't speak English... I am missing my next flight to Thessaloniki. No battery on my phone...
After a looong wait in "transiti" they put me in the next flight. It's 15.00 - next flight its at 21.50, reaches Athens at 1 o'clock in the morning. I have no idea how I will go to Thessaloniki.
I find a plug for my phone- Wifi is great in Fiumicino airport btw!!
Booking Aegean at 6.40 in the morning. Credit card doesn't work!!! Now what? Cash card? It's the 30th of the month, still no money into my account? or maybe? Oh yes - we got paid!! (thank you boss!!!!)
Flight booked!!!!
Alitalia gave me a coupon to eat - I find a quiet corner in a restaurant with plugs and wifi.

Going around the airport for the last couple of hours. I must have had 5 cappuccinos... or more...
I can't complain... Messages from people to check if I am ok! I have good friends....
Just before I leave Rome, I get a message from Alexandra, a teacher from Athens.
The funny thing is that although we have met in Athens and we are friends on Facebook, we don't really know each other well - She says she will meet me at the airport, so I won't spend the night alone! Arrived in Athens at about 1.30 am...

I have never stayed the whole night out in my life btw!! Turns out to be a great night!! It's really funny how you can relate to somebody you don't really know and become best friends. Just like that. In one night...
God-sent people; one of them is definitely Alexandra...
6.40 on my flight to Thessaloniki at last!
Back to reality with no sleep for 28 hours...
Ready for the new (school)year!!

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