Friday, September 2, 2016

Going around Palermo

 When I booked the trip to Palermo - I was telling everybody I was going to Italy.... But I wasn't...
I was going to Sicily which is a completely different place!!!
Since I was there a couple of days before the EdYouFest begun, I found the chance to go around Palermo a bit!

The historical area of Palermo is actually a place with huge, I mean enormous buildings. Everywhere you go you see a church, a palace, a museum, a building with a special meaning and history behind it. I didn't actually have a guide, but if you consider that I just had a map and a couple of friends who spoke a bit of Italian, only the fact that we didn't actually get lost much was a big deal!! So I am not going to comment with facts, but with thoughts and feelings instead!

Teatro massimo
 One of those HUGE buildings, which you don't actually know how to get a picture of.

Strawberry and coffee flavor
 Gelato,on the other hand, was something that I could order in perfect Italian!!

This is the first thing I saw when we went to Palermo. Gate of the city of some kind! Really impressive!

All streets in the center of Palermo are more or less just like this. Decorated with little lights or flags. Sicilian atmosphere everywhere!

Palermo by night
We did get robbed out of our money by a taxi driver though!
I mean he wanted 52 Euros for a 20-minute ride!!
100 Euros to go from the village to Palermo and back!!! (trip to Italy from Greece costs about the same amount!!!)

The next day I was in Palermo, we went somewhere off the beaten track. Visited a local market and went a bit outside of the usual tourist path. I got a bit scared. I mean when you are in a strange place and you look like a tourist , it IS pretty dangerous, you might get mugged or beaten or whatever. Thank God Christina was able to get us out of there back to the main street. I am sure I spoiled her exploration, but better safe than sorry....

I was so happy to meet Barbi - I mean crazy and mind-like people are always nice to be with!!

Ostello Baia del Corallo, the hostel where we stayed was near a small village, about half an hour drive from Palermo. 
The view was fantastic, the accommodation was  pretty basic, it was like camping actually and I had to sleep on a bunk bed. It was just re-living my college years to be exact.
And although it's not my kind of holiday, I have met wonderful people, exchanged ideas, made new friends who have something to share with me. (more on the EdYouFest on my other blog later today)
A wonderful experience! Let's do it again next year!


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