Sunday, August 21, 2016

11 happy things

Taking up Ms. Chorianopoulou's challenge on the 11 things that make me happy.
from Meriam- Webster
I don't really know.
Can anyone always be happy?
Is it only happy moments? Memories?
When you think of something with happiness does it mean that you were actually happy at that moment?
Also thinking that things that would make me happy (or at least smiling), might seem silly to somebody else.
Or some people might be thinking that Adulthood is not about being happy but about surviving and getting things done.
I have always thought that clowns were really sad inside....

Should I worry that I WANT to feel happy in spite of all my "problems"?
Is it possible to feel happy ?
So what should I write right now?
Things that I THINK  would make me happy?
Moments that HAVE made me happy?
Thoughts on happiness?
As you probably know I am a list person. I make lists of EVERYTHING.

This is what I call a toilet pose... :P

So let me think hard before I start writing this one.....

1. Sending time with my son.

He's a teen. He does not want to be around his mum. It's natural.
So when he does, it's a blessing. Even if he has to show me these breakdance videos talking about dancing techniques I don't understand. He is there. With me. Happiness.

2. Good coffee.
Good coffee is good coffee. I don't drink a specific kind. It depends on the mood actually. If I am really mad I prefer something with sugar. If I am not, I take it black.
I detest filter coffee - I have my first one when I wake up - continue with my second one at the coffee shop just across the street from the office with the first conversation with actual people and the third one on my break in the afternoon. Coffee is coffee. Coffee is happiness.

3. When I'm home alone...
Just staring at the ceiling. You have to unwind somehow...

4. Spinning
Me my music and the bike... Trainer optional...

5. Dogs
Any dog. Anywhere. Unconditional love. I wish I could keep one.

6. Silly things with my bestie

An online chat in the morning - a silly quote - something funny - a paranoia state of mind.

7. Flying

I just LOVE being on a plane. It's a beginning of a new adventure!!

8. Music

Music everywhere. While I walk, while I work, while I relax. It's music. It's fun. I smile.
Click to play the song of the picture

9. Spending time with my students!

Not only teaching, but having fun as well. I have always believed in bonding with "my kids". I mean it's all about human relationships and we spend so much time together anyway. Activities include going to concerts, take them along to conventions, go out for walks, have something to eat or even bake cookies together... Smiles...

10. Running at the seafront

This is a definition of clearing your mind actually. It doesn't have to be long 2-2,5 km is enough... for now... until I get my shape back...

11. Wifi on the beach

I don't like the beach. It's the worse thing that can happen to me. I don't like being in a bathing suit, I don't like the sun and I don't like spending all me time over there doing nothing waiting for everybody else to come out of the water and go home. Wifi is a blessing...

Believe it or not ... this was a really difficult task.
Do I need more things to be happy? Probably yes.
Inner balance to be more exact and a lot of steps to achieve it.

Challenging you... What 11 things make you happy?
Have a great happy day!

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