Sunday, July 31, 2016

Alonissos calling...

View from above
A million years ago, I was on Skopelos on holiday. I got the boat to visit Alonnisos - which was not actually what I consider a great visit. I spent one and a half hour on a small boat - got off Patitiri which is the small harbour of the island, had some coffee and went back to Skopelos. This year however, we went on a family holiday for a few days - Greek island are always a good way to relax and have an adventure at the same time.

Leftos Gialos beach
So... booked a room at a good (and a bit overpriced) hotel, rented a car to go around the island an made a plan how to spend the days there.
To tell the truth, it is pretty difficult to go around the island if you don't have your own transportation. It is pretty difficult to rent a car at a reasonable price and although there is public transportation, the buses reminded me old Greek movies of the 1950's!

So in order to move around, you need a map. There are plenty of beaches to visit, all of which have small or big pebbles and no sand. The only sandy beach is Chrisi Milia (Golden Apple-tree?), a bit muddy for my taste though.

There are organized places with sunbeds and umbrellas, the price depends on the place, some cafes offer you the sunbeds if you order something, some charge extra (5-6 Euros), some places have no cafe and only charge for the umbrellas.
It is also a bit stressful to walk on the pebbles, you can find these plastic- rubber beach shoes in the island's souvenir shops, they are pretty useful especially if you have young children with you!
Sporades, especially Skopelos and Alonnisos are great for people who love the sea, sailing, fishing, scuba diving,  water sports and just spend the whole day on the beach, in the water, on the water.
I have also seen 2-3 scuba diving schools, I would never try it because I am a bit of claustrophobic under the water, I get a feeling that I am buried and I can't breathe and I get panicked, but for a normal person, this would be an excellent way to spend the day and admire the world under the sea.

Old town view from above
In the evening... well... if you are a party animal consider moving to Skiathos!!! Seriously now, you can visit fish taverns spread around the island or you can visit the ond town which is located in the hill. Nice chilly breeze every night, little souvenir shops, cafes, taverns. Peace and tranquility....

One of the many beautiful souvenir shops
A wonderful way to get to know the island and the surrounding area is to go on these boat rides. There are 4-5 boats which offer different rides, you can visit the blue cave and a shipwreck, you can go around the water park and maybe see a dolphin or a seal, you can go diving or visit the small island of Peristera for a swim and all the captains have wonderful stories to share!
My book selection "The fairies of Man" by Auguste Corteau, a Greek book, I actually enjoyed.

There are a lot of small islands around Alonnisos, the island of Kyra Panagia is said to host the Cyclops cave (a dark and really deep cave) and a small uninhabited monastery). The island of Peristera is inhabited by 4 families and lots and lots of goats.
The island of Piperi is the core of the water park and cannot be approached without permission.

The blue cave
Alonnisos is worth the visit if you want to unwind and relax.
I have seen a lot of families with small children and couples on the island, not many younger ages (you can see lots of youth in Skiathos, I guess. )
Summer is not over, yet!
Wishing you a great (working or not) August!
The shipwreck



  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday! When on holiday in Skiathos 10 years ago, I had the chance to visit Alonissos and Skopelos. Magical islands!

    1. I love Sporades,but I'm afraid you can go around the island real quickly. It would be a nice choice if you could combine 2 or 3 islands in one vacation!