Friday, March 25, 2016

Pafos calling...

The time has come and I have had the wonderful chance to visit the beautiful Pafos, Cyprus! I consider myself very lucky to be doing the work I love and having the chance to travel around and visit wonderful places.

The airport of Pafos is relatively small, but still, there is excellent organization. I kept forgetting that I am in another country and the pass control is way stricter there as in Greece or even rest of Europe! 

 People in Cyprus are very hospitable - my company's partners gave me a real tour of the city and I loved the landscape - like being in Baywatch of some kind!

 The harbour reminded me of Kalamaria and our own Aretsou "marina" in Thessaloniki! A wonderful place to stroll around and take pictures.

                                          More L.A. looking place with the palms around!

And the famous Pafos castle, which is in the edge of the harbour and used to be a Byzantine fortress.

Pafos mall reminded me of our own Cosmos mall in Thessaloniki. Even the shops have the same arrangements! Everybody working there speaks English... ONLY...

 Dnd what can I say about food? Delicious chicken soyvlaki in Palia Ilektriki Cafe- Restaurant.

And mouth watering pasta in Pinguino. Most places over there serve both coffee and food btw!

And how about some art in the airport?
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I'd like to thank my hosts, Velissario and Iasi for their hospitality! Until we meet again!

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