Sunday, January 3, 2016

Decisions... decisions...

The holidays are not usually the best part of my life. I more often close down while people are out celebrating. Maybe because my life is not going exactly as I would like to, maybe I am strange, who knows. One thing is for sure; I have to change that.
Another thing I realized is that I just LOVE making lists. If you see most of my blog posts - they are lists of things to do, or not to do or lists of suggestions! So that's it! I am a list woman!!!
This day last year I wrote 30 Small Goals  I wanted to achieve and I am proud to say that I managed 20 of them.
The 10 that remained... well, some things I will try this year and some are probably impossible. And I will dream of them probably the rest of my life, thinking what I could have done better to make them true, but anyway, I don't want this to be a sad post.
And also I don't want this to be a professional goal post.
I mean, yes, I am going to take part in conventions online and offline and I am going to write more posts on my blog, I am even going to have my own column in a very prestigious site later in the year, I am going to be involved more in teacher training (which is a life dream actually), and learn learn learn and these are things that I intend to work very hard to achieve. I have the luck to work with people who share my vision, understand my needs and together we make things happen and I consider myself very very lucky. I believe that this is the best thing that has happened to me in 2015.
But it is in our human nature to want more. It is not selfish, I believe that every human being with a common sense tries to make the quality of their lives better and I guess this is where I am going to focus on this year.
I truly believe that if you lead a happy personal life, you are more productive in all areas of you life.
So my list for this year:
  • Keep my cool... No matter how much people try to get on my nerves... just keep calm. Practise yoga breathing and meditation at least 10 minutes a day, count to 10 before I reply to any ridiculous demand... not let them affect me.
  • Work on my mental health. There are times (more often unfortunately) that I shut down. I just don't want to talk to anybody, I get very disappointed in myself, in my life, sometimes I cannot stand seeing happy people. This has to change. And it will.
  • Move on. Anybody who wants to move on with me is welcome. Otherwise it is not healthy to hold on to something that does not work.
  • Accept the fact that people do not follow you when you change. I choose to develop and I will. Both personally and professionally. 
  • Accept the fact that I am different from the typical Greek housewife mum. I am what I am. Nobody is obliged to like me.
  • Learn to be happy alone. Count my blessings. Sometimes I get so depressed and I truly believe that I have not done anything in my life. But it is not true. I have raised a wonderful son, I have a fantastic job, I can create and develop and I have influenced so many students. I'll keep doing that.
  • Take care of my nutrition and exercise. I have accepted the fact that I will not be the muscular, thin woman I used to be, but still I can achieve a healthy lifestyle and feel good about myself.
  • Choose my battles and also not try to be around people who don't want to be around me. 
I think it will be a very difficult but very productive year ahead. I wish that we all have health so that we can achieve everything we set our minds on.
Take care and have a nice year ahead!

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  1. Keep doing a great job dear! Sure this year will be much better for you!