Friday, December 25, 2015

Vacation... At last!

I never thought I would actually say that I need the time off, but there is the first time for everything I guess!

Don't get me wrong! I love my job! I love all my jobs actually. Creating content, being an educational consultant, office work, teaching, translations... Give me more!! I love being creative, I love feeling useful.
Unfortunately, working 13 hours a day without weekends off for almost a year has really exhausted me both physically and mentally.
So just before Christmas this year, a big decision was made. After my exam students took their exam and stopped lessons, I did not take up any more. I have not stopped teaching, but teaching 5 hours after an 8-hour office job has really worn me off. I had no time to see my kid, no time for myself, I just woke up, did some housework, went to the office, taught my kids and went back to sleep.

I believe that in order for us to be productive,  we should have some time for ourselves as well. Especially people who use their minds to work!!!

So after this realization and crucial decision, my time off came!!

Gym time !
Pilates studio! First time in my life!

Last spin of the year!

A wonderful karaoke night out with my colleagues....
IT girls and me (BWT I think that the new IT department rocks!)

Sophia and I sang 'Should I stay or Should I go!!' - Rocking all the way!

Dimos will be missed! Good luck in Denmark!!!

And a night out with Helena to see a wonderful performance by my little man (I have to stop calling him like that honestly)

Helena is the closest person I have to a sister! Luv ya!
                                         Part of Giannis' performance!

A chance to see friends who live abroad...
It's a tradition to go out for beer every time Maria comes home ....
Same place, same delicacies, never bored!!

A weekend in Athens...
Theo and myself at the gym!!! I think he is the king of synchronization!! LOL!

Christina, Theo and myself at the music tavern Foteini suggested!!

A big thank you to Nena who gave us access to her gym!! Body Combat and Sh'bam rock btw!!!

My Athenian sis Christina!! It's always wonderful to be with you gal!

                             (Warm up - I get to be better after the first choreography!!)

I also decorated the tree with the little man ( who is not so little) without throwing it of of the window this year....
My real identity is an elf!!!

One of the rare times he actually does something with me... They grow up so fast....
And lots of sleep, coffee and writing!!! (a surprise for next year!!!)
I have to say that I can't help but feel a bit blue as well during the festive time... I miss my parents, it's not like we have a Xmas feast like most people do since we lost them....
Trying to work out some things over here... but this belongs to my New Year's Resolutions and probably this will be another post!
A Xmas day post will follow soon!!

Can't wait to get back to work.... batteries full!!!

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