Sunday, November 1, 2015

Social media and me...

I was about 11-12 years old when I started communicating with people around the world. There was this TV show showing the lives of kids around the world and you could send them your name and address and they connected you with another kid from another corner of the world! My first pen pal was Marnie from the States. I continued writing letters and exchanging pictures, postcards and little presents with people from literally everywhere.
When I was 15-16, I discovered cable TV - I watched Nino Firetto reading letters from fans asking for songs, showing pictures (I was actually one of the first people from Greece to ask to send a letter to this British channel and ask for a song) and I wanted to have a place where I could put up pictures and thoughts were everybody could see. Communication was (and still is) a very important part of my life from a very young age. I mean I was ready for Facebook, Instagram, Blogger before they were even invented yet! I think that if I had the technical knowledge, I could have invented them somehow (and be rich LOL!!)
So I found Blogger and started writing, sharing thoughts, work...
And Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr and lots more social media...
And I have started posting... without stopping...
I have made new friends with the same interests, I shared my thoughts, my lessons, my work, my pictures, my life... Everything I ever wanted since the age of 12, I had found it.

Social media have helped me a lot with my work, since a lot of people can see what I do. Meeting the right people sometimes can take you far. If you have the qualifications as well, of course.

But I am not only my work...

Some people choose to use social media for work only and this is good - as a current employee I do help as well promoting the business I am in, but... am I only this?

Yes I do have a great time at work and sometimes I do want to show this with a picture!
And as a freelance teacher I do want to show my students' work!
And yes as a mother I do want to share my kid's achievements, not to show off, but to express my happiness.

But still, I am not only this.
I have multiple interests...
The gym is second home for me.
Spinning could be a profession if I had set my mind to it earlier. (still thinking about it though)
Music and spin - choreographies are my passion.
Healthy nutrition and exercise is something very important to me!
I love coffee.
I love reading fairy tales - I have a huge collection at home!
And crime stories - huge collection over there as well.
I love Athens - I try to discover new corners of this city every time I am around!
I love spending time with friends and taking pictures of the wonderful moments!
I love taking pictures in general. Bad pictures and great pictures! (I don't really care if I look good in them or not!)
I do all this plus 8 hours at the office, 3-4 hours lessons, training, household and motherhood, everyday...
And yes, I'd like to share this.

Some people think I post too much on Facebook and other social media.
And maybe this is too much for them. Because they do not actually want to know me. They have this stereotype image of a person and they think I have to be like that. Because everybody else IS like that. And even if they are bothered with the coffee-pics or the gym-pics I post, they do not press the unfolllow or the unfriend button, they are just there to criticize.

I am really sad that I had to close my wall.
Still here posting lots of thoughts and the pictures you will find on Instagram!
Take care!

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