Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#zen time : bodyART

Day off today and no lessons last night.
I devoted some time for a "yogish" class. bodyArt is based on Yoga - reminds Power Yoga and Body Balance (Les Mills). It has to do with balance, strength and concentration.
I have to say that I really enjoy it. The exercises are not so simple and you need a lot of coordination and strength and concentration and still I don't think I have managed the right technique, yet, although I have been taking part in yoga and Body Balance classes and private lessons for more than 7 years now.

But it's not only about the exercise. The magic effect of this class is that it actually clears your head. You use your negative energy to find the power to do the exercises and than on the cool down phase, you just feel lighter. (and really sore the next day, but anyway!! LOL)
My Greek blog with interviews about bodyArt over here.

More #zentime coming up!

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