Sunday, October 11, 2015


It's been a while.
It seems that when this time comes, I never have time to write.
I never have time for myself as it is.
I am not going to complain.
Other people don't have jobs, other people can't survive.
I have the luck to be able to support my home. I am the only one to support my home btw.
I have the luck to work at a successful company. One of the few in Greece.
I have the luck to still have students who trust me.
But I can't help wondering...
When do I get time for myself?
I have started to get tired.
I did not go on holiday this summer. All I did was a couple of weekends.
I really love these little getaways, but still, this is not enough.

On the other hand, having a lot of days off brings a very negative effect on me.
After a good day of sleep and the frenzy of housework (yes when on holiday I have to clean and wash everything!!). Then I get swallowed by the couch doing nothing in a state of a semi-coma until the time comes back to get to work.
I guess this is the definition for the term "work-o-holic"!!!!

But I feel that I am burning out. And it's not my job, it's not my teaching.... it's the fact that don't actually "live" lately. I need balance.

Last year I created a "small-goal- list" with things I wanted to do, mostly professionally. I was lucky enough to fulfill most of my goals.
This year I'm gonna try and do things that have a real meaning and make me feel good and blog about them.
It doesn't have to be every day. Just another goal.
#feelgood #selfcompassion #be me

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