Monday, October 19, 2015

Day off

When you say to somebody that you are taking the day off, they think that you just wake up late, relax, spend endless hours having coffee not having a care in the world!
When I usually take a day off, this is because I have to do something that cannot be done outside office hours, like a doctor's appointment or stuff with public services. And I really can't understand why public services work the hours they do, since all the people who actually need something from them are actually working, so they have to take the day of to do something for work although the day off is meant to be "not work"... But anyway...
What I usually do on my days off?
  • Clean, laundry, iron, bake, cook (things that I usually do after midnight)
  • Spend as much time I want in the bathroom (nobody's home in the morning anyway)
  • Go to the gym (not #afterhours for a change)
  • Write on my blog (that's what I'm doing right now)
  • Buy groceries (food in general). If I don't go, fridge remains empty - the other people in the house do not do that and prefer to order junk food every single day.
  • Prepare lessons, read blogs, get new ideas.
  • Teach (because this is considered free time activity by certain people!!!!)
All in all I would like to say that I am glad that I don't get many days off. I might get tired at the office and teaching afterwards, but my day is full with things I want to to.
I don't understand the people who just stay on the couch doing nothing. I really don't know what I would do to keep my sanity if I were like this!!!
Have a nice week people!

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