Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Summer adventures: Trippin' (2)

Summer.... everybody's going to the beach....
I am NOT a beach person.
Although this summer I think I have overworked myself - I need some time off!
I've been to the beach once this summer... Just once...

This year I don't feel that comfortable in a bathing suit. I feel really self conscious about my body.
I am really strange ... I mean I don't like it there...
I usually don't have any company - I'm out on the sand all alone reading a book or trying out crossword puzzles... It's boring...
Anyway, this time I went without complaining. I read my book and got sunburned...
I don't think I am ever going to finish this one ... no time no holiday... If I ever do, I'll blog about it!!!
The beach we usually visit on weekends (well not this year, but usually) is called Lagomandra. In the second "foot" of Halkidiki, a bit far from the city, but with wonderful clean blue water and white sand.
If you are a see lover - definitely recommended.
If you are not - everything is solved with a six-pack of beer!
Have a nice summer!

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