Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Adventures: Trippin' (1)

June... Wonderful season...
Lessons are over (most of them anyway) and weekends are free!
One of my favourite places is Athens of course...
I love this city both in winter, spring, summer and fall!!!
This time I stayed at "hotel "Chorianopoulou" - No it's not a new hotel, it's my friend's place. Who would have thought that we can be so close even if we live 507 km away from each other?
Visited a lot of wonderful places!

First stop: Monastiraki: Dioscuri.
A wonderful cafe with the company of my sis and dear friend and colleague Chryssa Papalazarou
with cold espresso and beers later on!!!

Second stop: Exarchia: Rosalia with Christina and dear friend Apostoli!
I love this part of town, althout at night it can be pretty dangerous!
Great food great company!

Third stop : Cocktails with Theo and Christina!! The thing is that you would never understand what we were talking about if you are not a teacher!! Teaching methods, jobs, projects, presentations....
But the night is young: Continuing with Christina for a Gkazi night out!!
'cause girls just wanna have fun! (especially if they work their b... off 13 hours a day, 7 days a week!)
After a wonderful breakfast at "Hotel Chorianopoulou" the morning found me at Syntagma square drinking my last coffee in Athens!!!

Until we meet again!!!

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