Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer adventures: Staycation Day 2

Woke up really early to give the kid his medicine and could not sleep more afterwards. I was engrossed in my book for a couple of hours - serial killers - psychological problems - some wise words in the middle... Hopefully I will finish it before I get back to work.
"Most of us don't live in the present tense. We dwell in a mental place where our regrets and grudges from our past compete with out fears about the future"
Today it's a big celebration in Greece - it's like he Easter of the summer, the day of Virgin Mary, a lot of people celebrate their name days, almost half the population in Greece. So I spend about an hour writing wishes and making phone calls.  I am sure I am forgetting somebody, I always do, but then again, very few people remember my name day, so I'm ok....

Although it was a holiday, I had to do the laundry twice, ironing, cleaning the bathroom - took out the trash, changed the bed-sheets ( It's really annoying because if I don't do that, nobody else does... I mean the trash could stay days inside if I actually don't do it.....)
So after all the hard work, we decided to go downtown for a coffee.
Aristotelous - Hernest

And a stroll till the port and back - poor me - I decided to wear a dress today, but did not think of the sun!!
Yes, I got sun-burnt - and sun-stroke at the same time!  The dress ... not a good idea... Not feeling comfortable. Still a lot of shaping up to do before I go out to the public in a dress!!!
Continued with lunch at "grandma's" - well to tell the truth I avoid going over there, because I get criticized a LOT! I mean I am NOT a good housewife and for her this is what matters - culture, studies - work are words that a "woman" should never do. I mean work and money yes, but not allowed to actually like what I do. Food is the only thing important in the world!! I really hate not being able to talk back ( not into fights with older people)
I do have to admit that she does cook well, though... The others ate - I just had a grilled burger (just meat) and salad and a couple of glasses of retsina (that's how much I am allowed to drink in a week)
No cheat day for me - although it IS a holiday!

Back home with more laundry, more cleaning and washing (because I cannot stand still)
Today's workout was Zumba for about 45minutes
I discovered a wonderful instructor called Saer Jose, who is actually located in Athens, but has his own YouTube channel with lots and lots of choreographies.

Can't wait to start going to the gym again... Endorphin's on its way!!!
To be continued!

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