Sunday, September 22, 2013

My German Friend Jenny is guest blogging!

When Dora asked me whether I would like to write a guest blog here I directly said 
yes without any doubt. Why? Because Dora is the one who has made me blogging myself! 
She was the first of my friends who started a blog and caught my attention with it. 
Very soon I started my own blog and have kept it till today. 
Of course, there are up and downs about posting but I still do like it and have made
 myself some thoughts and will make a bigger re-start of it in the next weeks.
Well, after saying "yes" the thinking started what to write about? 
Something I would post at my blog, too? Something totally different? 
But double posting? Would it be fair? And then I got the soluation...I will link my
 guest blog to my own blog. :-)

And so i decided to tell you here about "Thinking putty"!
 Hmmm, aren't we too old for putty? No, not for this one! 
Thinking putty is so muc more than only be a playdoh. 
First of all is comes in a tin and looks like this:


Yes, it is liquid! And that's one of the specials of the thinking putty...
whenever you will put it back into its tin it will be liquid again after some hours 
(guess its time depends from how warm it is). 
And then you can do so much with it! 
It is stretchable, it jumps, it can splitter and you can break into pieces! 
Of course, you can also simply knead it like any other playdoh ;)
It is available in many different colours of which some can glow in the dark. 
Most of the putty is a hard one and this makes it special for different uses. 
It can be used for playing and learning tricks with but it can also be used as 
a stress ball or therapy ball! 

Well, I hope I have made you interest for it and you will like to take a look 
for getting a thinking putty yourself. 
I just tell you I do not mind that I have bought and even thinking about getting 
a second colour of it :-)

For more information you can visit:

You can find Jenny over here:

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  1. Thank you so much Dora for inviting me to guest post here! It was a pleasure!
    For all readers if you do have any question feel free to write me!