Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coffee blog

I am definitely a coffee person! I worship coffee, I cannot live without coffee, coffee is my oxygen.
And I love everything about coffee as well... coffee cups, paper cups, decorations, that's why I take coffee pictures all the time.
My dear friend Jenny Reich asked me what my favorite coffee is. And I just loved the idea !!!!!

First of all there is the coffee I drink at home every morning or when I am off work resting.
I have to make it myself, I cannot drink it if somebody else has made it... Nescafe with little sugar and milk... yummy....
This coffee can be anything. Cold in the summer, hot in the winter. It's the cup I take with my on my way to work!! The one I keep taking pictures off!!!!

Sometimes when I go to my students' houses for lessons, they offer me filter coffee,which is what I need to keep me from falling asleep!!

Talking about falling asleep... the best way to keep awake is a double espresso!!!

When I go out for coffee in the winter I prefer cappuccino.

Or Freddo cappuccino....

But my very favorite at the moment is Freddo Espresso!

As long it is coffee I drink it!!!
Have a wonderful morning!!! With coffee always!!!


  1. It is nice to know that you like different kinds of coffee! The only coffee I do drink sometimes is an espresso (with a lot of sugar ;-)) at the end of a nice and tasty dinner in the Italian restaurant. But some years ago I bought a Tassimo machine to offer my friends a coffee...so whenever you will come along you will have a bunch of different kinds of coffee to choose and drink! :)
    PS: if you have a Tassimo you should try Lacta cocoa! It is very yummy :-)

    1. Unfortunately I am allergic to chocolate so I cannot enjoy this kind of coffee! But thx for the invite